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  • Regular Village Board Meeting
    6/14/2017 6:00 PM

    Regular Village Board Meeting



    June 14, 2017 6:00PM

    6:00 PM LaBella Associates – Mr John Papponetti



    Ron – request to schedule a Public Hearing regarding zoning changes (motion)

    Todd - Requesting the June 28th Workshop Meeting start at 6:00PM for a badger meter presentation (motion)

    - Declare the following surplus property: (motion) Viking Plow and Wing 12” Box Plow Protech Stone Roller



    Water service billing consumption vs minimums

    Land to dump leaves, brush and snow 


    Correspondence from Orleans County regarding the taxes for 73.6-7-80 and 73.6.7-81

    Correspondence from Orleans County Treasurer Susan Heard regarding the charge back to the Village for lawn mowing and taxes on five properties

    Need opinion regarding request from Mr Clemons about a dead tree that needs to be removed



    Accept Treasurers report for May 2017 (motion)

    Approve minutes of May 24, 2017 (motion)

    Approve payment of Village bills (motion)

    Approve to pay Bernard P Donegan Inc for services rendered 3/3/2017 through 4/11/2017 in the amount of $175.00 (motion)

    Approve payment to J O’Connell & Associates for services rendered for the Rebuild Bullard Park Project in the amount of $10,000 (motion)

    Correspondence from J O’Connell Associates with a summary report of grant activity

    Approve payment to Chatfield Engineers for the following invoices: (motion) General Engineering Services 94-193-192 $128.75 Planning Board Services 98-330-26 $111.00 (will be reimbursed by ARG)

    Approve payment to Osborn, Reed & Burke LLP for services rendered in May for $742.50 (motion)

    Approve the Mayor to sign the following Cemetery Deeds: (motion) William J & Cindy L Applegate Lot 1489 Meadow Avenue SE#2/SE#3 Darrell L Dart S.G. 195 Deerfield Avneue Charles E & Gwenyth P Hughson S.G. 333 and 334 Deerfield Avenue

    Accept the following applications to be place on file for future reference: Jonathan T Wells Summer Help Paul A Baney PCF Tyler M Palmer PCF Ashlee E Salisbury PCF

    Approve the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer to sign the agreements with Freed Maxick to provide auditing services (motion)

    Approve the Mayor to sign the Professional Service Agreement with LaBella Associates for engineering services for the Bullard Park Project (motion) Review request from resident Mr Normand for a break on the sewer portion of his water/sewer bill (motion)

    Review request form resident Ms Dorothy English for a break on the sewer portion of her water/sewer bill (motion)

    Adopt Resolution for the 2017 Consolidated Funding Application under the New York Main Street Program (motion)

    Approve the Mayor to sign the documents from Key Bank for the financing of the 2017 Tahoe for the APD (motion)

    Discuss posting the vacant MEO position at DPW

    Request from employee regarding vacatio
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